The Four Members of the Democratic Elite and their Share in Breaking up the Democratic Party


Nancy Pelosi – House Minority Leader:

Nancy Pelosi may be on target with a lot of her objectives in trying to carry a tattered democratic party, however she does not see the party as divided. This rhetoric as put forth by herself and aides creates an illusion that the Democratic party is strong in it’s message. In fact, with rallies and marches it definitely may seem that way. But do these marches help? Does the violence from Democratic and liberal led groups help? Does denying President Trump and refusal in working for him help?

Pelosi is helping in catering rifts in the party. Her liberal policy is not the problem, however her inability to see the tumultuous state of the Democratic party is. She is defining the more moderate Democrats as she breaks this faction off the party.

Maxine Waters – US Representative

Where to start with this woman. Seen as the face of Democratic resistance groups, her harsh ideas on the Trump presidency can be summed up in these few words – “impeach this stupid orange man”. Known as Auntie Maxine, she appeals to millennials in a violent and turbulent way. She has stated that she is willing to put her job on the line to resist President Trump at all corners, and people take her words in like sugary sweet syrup on warm pancakes. #WTF?

How is this message helping in anyway? Her rise to social media constructs has made her a household name, and again is catering to a certain group of liberal Democrats. People listen to her ideas, and immediately pull to a resistance in physical shapes of rallies, or radical anti-GOP slacktivism.

Okay…I digress: how the hell is a US Representative representing our people fairly with this talk and speech? So let me get this straight Maxine, should I actively resist and hope it irons itself out? Or should you get your crap together and try to work with Democratic leaders and Republican leaders that help shape our everyday lives. Your speech is shameful and only creates negative chasm to your party. She is defining the young resistant millennials such as the extreme SJW’s as she breaks this faction off the party.

Tom Perez – DNC Chair

If anyone had the ability to destroy a group trying to rise above the Republican garbage, it’s Tom Perez. He pressed the brakes, and moving backward on Michelle Obama’s slogan of “when they go low, we go high.”

Known for not even being able to utter President Trumps name at rallies, cursing violently in front of children at rallies. I can’t even begin to describe in words how the Democratic leadership chose this guy, so I will list direct quotes from him:

“That is bullshit.” – in reference to a crowd booing him as he’s introduced as the new DNC Chairman roll. And into the mic I may add…

“The wall he wants to build: it’s going to have a garage door because all the shit he makes in Mexico.” – in a rally in reference President Trump’s insistence on a need to budget the wall of the US and Mexico border.

“they call their budget a skinny budget; I call it a shitty budget.” at a rally in reference to the proposed budget the GOP party put out before the fiscal year end to keep government afloat until September.

Um…where the hell did this guy come from? His cursing and harsh speech only caters to a certain group of people. He continues to be a big driving spike to alienating certain Democratic Americans from the party. This effort seems to be a response to how certain DNC members saw how effective Trump’s harsh words were to his rallies. So this tells me how lazy the Democratic party is on trying to revamp and rebuild their party. He is defining angry older members of the Democratic party as he breaks this faction of the party.

Chuck Schumer – Senate Minority Leader:

Recently, Schumer sent out a mocking, snarky and sneering message to the president, “can’t always get what you want”, about the message of Trump not getting everything he wanted out of the last fiscal budget of the year.

President Trump tweeted out explanations for the failure of the Republican party to stand tall during the negations.  But with this, the president was advocating that if he does not get his budgetary wishes in September for the renewal of the country’s budget, he will call a government shut down or employ the nuclear option to pass the bill through the senate by means of a 51% majority, rather than the traditional 60% needed.

Schumer, stop mocking your own office and please help the above mentioned party members try and repair your party as soon as possible, thanks.