The Four Members of the Democratic Elite and their Share in Breaking up the Democratic Party


Nancy Pelosi – House Minority Leader:

Nancy Pelosi may be on target with a lot of her objectives in trying to carry a tattered democratic party, however she does not see the party as divided. This rhetoric as put forth by herself and aides creates an illusion that the Democratic party is strong in it’s message. In fact, with rallies and marches it definitely may seem that way. But do these marches help? Does the violence from Democratic and liberal led groups help? Does denying President Trump and refusal in working for him help?

Pelosi is helping in catering rifts in the party. Her liberal policy is not the problem, however her inability to see the tumultuous state of the Democratic party is. She is defining the more moderate Democrats as she breaks this faction off the party.

Maxine Waters – US Representative

Where to start with this woman. Seen as the face of Democratic resistance groups, her harsh ideas on the Trump presidency can be summed up in these few words – “impeach this stupid orange man”. Known as Auntie Maxine, she appeals to millennials in a violent and turbulent way. She has stated that she is willing to put her job on the line to resist President Trump at all corners, and people take her words in like sugary sweet syrup on warm pancakes. #WTF?

How is this message helping in anyway? Her rise to social media constructs has made her a household name, and again is catering to a certain group of liberal Democrats. People listen to her ideas, and immediately pull to a resistance in physical shapes of rallies, or radical anti-GOP slacktivism.

Okay…I digress: how the hell is a US Representative representing our people fairly with this talk and speech? So let me get this straight Maxine, should I actively resist and hope it irons itself out? Or should you get your crap together and try to work with Democratic leaders and Republican leaders that help shape our everyday lives. Your speech is shameful and only creates negative chasm to your party. She is defining the young resistant millennials such as the extreme SJW’s as she breaks this faction off the party.

Tom Perez – DNC Chair

If anyone had the ability to destroy a group trying to rise above the Republican garbage, it’s Tom Perez. He pressed the brakes, and moving backward on Michelle Obama’s slogan of “when they go low, we go high.”

Known for not even being able to utter President Trumps name at rallies, cursing violently in front of children at rallies. I can’t even begin to describe in words how the Democratic leadership chose this guy, so I will list direct quotes from him:

“That is bullshit.” – in reference to a crowd booing him as he’s introduced as the new DNC Chairman roll. And into the mic I may add…

“The wall he wants to build: it’s going to have a garage door because all the shit he makes in Mexico.” – in a rally in reference President Trump’s insistence on a need to budget the wall of the US and Mexico border.

“they call their budget a skinny budget; I call it a shitty budget.” at a rally in reference to the proposed budget the GOP party put out before the fiscal year end to keep government afloat until September.

Um…where the hell did this guy come from? His cursing and harsh speech only caters to a certain group of people. He continues to be a big driving spike to alienating certain Democratic Americans from the party. This effort seems to be a response to how certain DNC members saw how effective Trump’s harsh words were to his rallies. So this tells me how lazy the Democratic party is on trying to revamp and rebuild their party. He is defining angry older members of the Democratic party as he breaks this faction of the party.

Chuck Schumer – Senate Minority Leader:

Recently, Schumer sent out a mocking, snarky and sneering message to the president, “can’t always get what you want”, about the message of Trump not getting everything he wanted out of the last fiscal budget of the year.

President Trump tweeted out explanations for the failure of the Republican party to stand tall during the negations.  But with this, the president was advocating that if he does not get his budgetary wishes in September for the renewal of the country’s budget, he will call a government shut down or employ the nuclear option to pass the bill through the senate by means of a 51% majority, rather than the traditional 60% needed.

Schumer, stop mocking your own office and please help the above mentioned party members try and repair your party as soon as possible, thanks.


“Intelligence Porn”…Woah.


In today’s briefing, James Comey used wordplay that caught the attention of the Ticonderoga Post – “intelligence pornography”. Wow… thats a very powerful statement. Let’s break down the words and apply it to what he was trying to say from his FBI positional circumstance…

intelligence – the collection of information of military or political value.

pornography – printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

What exactly was Comey talking about? WikiLeaks of course. Over the course of last year’s campaign, WikiLeaks has been a hot topic for informational leaks to destroy the credibility of the Clinton campaign. At certain points, Donald Trump has exclaimed: “Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks!” last November, of course when it benefited him. This made me ponder deeply about the integrity of information and how it is made available to the public. In recent times, it seems that the press and their message seems to degrade and erode as the Trump administration touts “fake news” from the roof tops of the White House. Journalistic ethics and morals may still exist, but more and more news outlets are moving away from the traditional bipartisan reporting and moving towards the fringes of “spectrum end” bias.

What does this have to do with “intelligence pornography”? Well, I would say WikiLeaks can be more  detrimental for society than a necessity. News outlets may be sinking into fringe elements, but most do the necessary work to establish credible witnesses, truthful fact finding, and try to stay close to their networks’s partisan ideals as much as possible while keeping the integrity of the source and story intact.

Let’s face it, news and media outlets suffer from vertical integration, causing narrow views in many outlets from an old world point of view. As dangerous as a limited point of view can be to society, WikiLeaks provides a pushing out of information to the public that could make private information available, destroy entities, and even kill people indirectly with the information provided. WikiLeaks does not obey the journalism ethics and standards. They simply dump information into the public with no filter- and people take this information in different ways. Not all of us look at this information in physically damning ways but there is a scale: slacktivism in regurgitating this information back onto social media as a lesser reiteration– to people using this information for dangerous gains such as an enemy using our tactical leaks in war against us killing people in the battlefield.

But yet, the public advocates for intelligence leaks like new porn videos on PornHub…because of government mistrust. But we have to weigh the pros and cons of this dangerous thought- we must assume the government as an entity is acting for the betterment of the American public, and certain information must be held classified to protect us. WikiLeaks does more harm than good- and we should not be advocating for Assange. Instead, we should be challenging our 4th unofficial system for checks and balances – the press.

More transparency is needed from the government and more challenges need to be made to the office to keep it that way. WikiLeaks thrives on these points: mistrust of government form loss of transparency & news and media outlet vertical integration for narrow views- both points raise the American public’s frustration which causes an “opt out” attitude. This “opt out” in effect perpetuates the behavior of government office and news outlets in the aforementioned.

We shouldn’t rely on a means of “intelligence porn” for sources of news or point of views. That’s lazy. Challenge the government when you feel they are not benefitting you, challenge the press when information doesn’t seem all that credible, and more importantly, challenge yourselves to stay informed by reading multiple point of views of a subject and create your own deductions.

Trump, Manafort, & Russia’s Threesome and Devin Nunes’ Perfectly Timed Allegation Engineering

Trump, Manafort, and Russia


Who is Paul Manafort?

Paul Manafort played a key role in Trump’s campaign last year, 2016.

What did Paul Manafort do?

As far back as 2005, Manafort agreed to help advance Putin’s political interests in the USA, and in 2006, signed a multimillion dollar deal to help consult and advise for a very close Putin colleague, Oleg Deripaska, aluminum magnate for Russia. The Trump administration has denied any allegations that this was a conflict of interest, and even Sean Spicer has told the public in so many words, “what would it matter to us what someone did 10 years ago?”

This is just one of the many points tying the Trump administration to the Kremlin, albeit a very serious one, and investigations are still ongoing into how this could have affected the 2016 campaign for the White House.

Alternative Fact: Sean Spicer in a press conference stated Manafort had a “limited role or a limited time” downplaying his work in the Trump campaign.

Real Fact: Manafort Worked as Trump’s campaign advisor chairman last year from March to August.


Devin Nunes – A Hired Deflection from the White House?

dave nunez

Who is Devin Nunes?

Nunes (R – Calif.) is the current House Intelligence Committee Chairman.

What did David Nunes do?

On March 22nd, Nunez told the general public communications may have been picked up by US intelligence agencies during the transition of power between the president and president elect.

Trump needed this moment for his base, claiming “I very much appreciate the fact that they found what they found.”

Oddly, Nunes is leading the investigation of Russian meddling in the most recent presidential election.Information handling was atrocious. Here’s why:

  • Nunes claims information was from an anonymous source, even though the GOP bashes media for this same practice (citing anonymous sources).
  • Shared information with the press before Nunes’ own intelligence committee coworkers, including his colleague Adam Schiff (D – Calif.).
  • Nunes briefed Trump about the material even though it could potentially be a conflict of interest.

This outlandish material seems to come at a perfect time to help a seemingly drowning White House that continues to perpetuate it’s wire tap claims.

Alternative Facts: Nunes has information to connect the previous administration of spying on the Trump campaign’s transition to power validating Breitbart’s claims from a “trusted” anonymous source.

Real Fact: On March 20th, FBI Director James Comey debunked in Trump Tower wire tapping allegations in it’s entirety in front of the House Intelligence Committee and the American public.